Nu-Tec Systems


Nu-Tec® professional Robotic guns and accessories. Profressional Robotic Welding Guns By Nutecsys.
'ROBO' Series

Modular robotic system with stainless steel necks and high-temp copper alloy consumables. System includes quick-change necks, power cables, planetary drives and collision sensors.
Swan Necks

Water cooled, stainless steel swan necks with tapered-lock nozzle.
Air cooled, stainless steel swan neck with tapered-lock nozzle.
ROBO Cable Harness

One piece complete cable assembly protects power, water, air/gas, planetary and senor lines. Design includes quick-change adaptors and heavy-duty spring strain relief at both ends.
ROBO 'T' Series

Compact tandem torch available in both air and water cooled configurations. Designed to utilize quick-change components in a modular system.
ROBO Planetary Drives

Compact planetary-gear wire-feed motor with synchronous control system capability. System designs to 100 feet (including aluminum) utilizing as many as three planetary units when combined with Syntronic II control system.
ROBO Accessories

Modular quick-change adaptors, mounting arms, collision sensors.