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The new Nu-Tec Plasti-Weld System is the most powerful and only complete plastic repair tool for the automotive professional. With 65-amps of output power, the technician can quickly and effortlessly imbed the unique stainless steel staples in all types of plastics. Once the staple “stitch” has been completed, the legs of the staples are easily removed (and not dislodged) with one simple twist due to their custom scored-wire design.

The final repair step requires the re-flow of plastic around the staples to secure them in place and the Plasti-Weld system is the only tool on the market with the power to drive the melt knife attachment.

Lightning-Saw Cutting System with Compressor

Nu-Tec introduces a portable metal cutting saw that will revolutionize the construction, heating and air conditioning and do-it-yourself markets.

This light weight compact metal cutting saw produces an electric cutting arc (lightning) that, while only as wide as a human hair and less than one-inch long, cuts through all types of metals to 1/8" effortlessly. Just plug unit into a standard 115-volt outlet and attach grounding clamp to metal. Then place torch on surface and pull the trigger to start. The powerful lightning arc will slice through the material, without even disturbing the painted surface, and leave a perfectly clean, smooth to the touch edge.

The Lightning-Saw is a completely portable metal cutting system since it requires no air supply (built-in compressor) and weighs less than 30 pounds.