Nu-Tec Systems


Nu-Tec® is an established welding industry leader, with a long history of providing quality welding products and services.
Company Information

While the company name has recently changed to Nu-Tec Systems from the original Nu-tecsys Corporation, the focus on providing the highest quality and most technically advanced welding systems to our customers has remained constant.

We were founded in the early 80's as a manufacturer of premium quality MIG, TIG and Plasma welding products to the industrial fabrication market. Twenty years later, while still committed to that simple goal, we have expanded our product offering to cover all ends of the welding market worldwide.

Today's Nu-Tec Systems provides products and services from a 20-amp plasma tour to a tandem-wire 600 amp, water-cooled robotic welding system. We continue to manufacture a wide array of our products at our factory north of Chicago, but have tapped global resources around the world to ensure our customers always maintain a leading competitive edge in ever-evolving welding technology.