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Monster Warranty.
Monster Warranty


Monster welders, plasma cutters, and welding accessories are serviced and repaired by Nu-Tec Systems and their professional network of repair centers. Contact Nu-Tec at 847-662-8763 or 800-554-0074 for technical assistance or warranty/repair questions, or go to the following web site link for details on the policy and procedures for warranty/repair of Monster welders, plasma cutters, or accessories.


Monster offers a limited warranty on all welding & plasma cutting machines subject to the terms and conditions as stated herein. This warranty offers a discretionary repair or replacement option by Monster, or its representative company, for all product claims.

3-year Warranty – Main power transformer on transformer based MIG welders 1-year Warranty – All other components of welding or plasma cutting systems with the exception of all torches and exterior wire cable assemblies. 90-day Warranty – Torch & ground clamp cable assemblies from handle to power supply. Material & workmanship only. Non-warranty – Torch consumables from top of handle to nozzle.


In the event that a product fails within the stated warranty time-frame, the End User has the right to request a warranty claim.

FACTORY-DIRECT: All Monster brand welding & plasma cutting machines are to be processed directly on the factory by calling the Technical Service Department at 847-662-8763 or 800-554-0074 and requesting a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.

If the “failure” issue cannot be resolved over the phone and a warranty evaluation is determined to be the next step, the factory will issue an RGA and provide customer with shipping information to return the product to the factory. ALL RETURNS require the dealer or customer to supply purchase order or credit card number for repair charges in case the failure is determined to be non-warranty in nature. NO CHARGES WILL BE APPLIED WITHOUT DEALER’S OR CUSTOMER’S APPROVAL.

Once product arrives at the factory, a complete determination of the failure will be made within three working days and the dealer or customer will be notified of the “warranty” or “non-warranty” repair or replacement of the product.

In the case of a warranty repair: Product will be repaired or replaced and returned to Customer via UPS-Ground at no charge.

In the case of a non-warranty repair: dealer or customer will be notified with failure analysis and cost to complete the repair including return freight BEFORE any work is performed. Repair will only be completed upon approval by dealer or customer. In the event the repair is not approved, dealer or customer will be responsible for disposition of product within 30-days of receipt by the factory. After 30-days, product will be scrapped.

NOTE: All returned products under warranty remain Dealer/Customer property and will be “repaired or replaced” at the factory’s discretion. NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstance.